Dominic Dyas

Wind for days 😐

I am a gluten for punishment .

I will fish everyday regardless of weather.

And ESPECIALLY when the bait in my fridge is looking like this !!!

amazing peeler, would be rude not to use it !!

So , with 30mph breeze due a couple of hours into the session , my intentions were to fish long range for any hounds cruising about , and drop short for the bass once the wind and tide picked up. Someone didn’t tell the fish my plans though !

First cast was this beautiful little bass , which gave me a decent slackliner and made a b line to the surface 120 yards out . The whole way in i was just praying it wasnt an eel !!

he couldn’t resist the crab !!

Shortly after, another decent slackliner but struck into nothingness ?! How can that be ?

Then the winds rolled in , and with quite a big tide , ended up getting fairly wet.

The fish decided not to play ball , and had me regretting my decision to leave my squid indoors , or i would of plonked a whole squid bait 15 yards out in the surf. But we live and learn .

the wind, she blows !!

This was my least productive session at canvey island in the last 4 weeks , but to be honest , i knew today was going to be a shot in the dark . The hounds have thinned out during these bigger, rougher tides , but i was dying to get these crabs in the drink

Hopefully the next session will be more eventful !


Tight lines all, Dominic and Kai

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