Tom Baird

  • The Pike
    Only a few months until I go Piking and I can’t wait. I have already started to sort all my gear out, seeing if I need to get any bits and bobs. Then in September I start setting up my rods all ready to go. I have two dead bait rods (Fox Warrior) with EOS […]
  • River Fishing during Covid19
    So today I went fishing on the Chelmer just outside the Chelmsford area and was it packed, absolutely was. But not with anglers, with other river users. Its great to see, so many people using the river. But it also has its down side too. Unfortunately, I only had three Dace. Still a great fish […]
  • It’s a Family Affair
    So today I went fishing at our club water with my Son (Harry), my daughter (Sophie) and my Father-in-law (Stan). I like the day ticket waters and there are some really good ones out there. But I do love my club waters, you know exactly which lake does what and you get to know other […]
  • The Perch
    Hi I’m back, with another fishing experience and as you probably guessed it’s about the Perch. I love watching these guys in the water, seeing the amazing tiger stripes and the way they swim on the outskirts of any shoal. This time of year, all you need to do is watch the fry in the […]
  • Sea Fishing off a Charter
    So, this week I went out with a few old friends sea fishing from a charter boat. We probably do this 4 times a year and then I go off the beach or piers. We all arrive at around 7am to sort out money to pay the skipper, have a fry up and get the […]