Dominic Dyas

Undies in a twist .

Decided on Hove beach for this evening, a 12:15 high and a lovely evening would make it a good night to be out, even if the fish didn’t play ball.

They had a few kicks, but definitely weren’t out there in their masses .

Arriving at 6pm to hordes of beach goers, I spent some time getting set up real comfy and just watching Kai have a blast in the water , hes such a lad

Decided to finally get a bait out at around 9pm , just as the slight bit of breeze we had dropped off. To nothingness. I don’t mind for when I’m making rigs , but I always favour at least a tiny breeze.

So, burgers cooked, the boy is now casting around a homemade plug in the surf on his tronix lure rod like a lunatic . He’s so good, he can fish for hours , even on braided lines without a worry for me, not a tangle or miscast. He has a bright future in angling for sure , for a 7 year old his lure fishing is ace, keeps up with me on fish count !!!

First to succumb to a bluey bait was a lovely little undulate ray of around 2lb, which slack lined me . A couple of quick photos, and it was put back in hopes of finding the parents.

20 minutes after, my smallest smoothhound of the year haha !

About half past 10 I missed a beautiful take, as Kai had rested his rod over mine and couldn’t strike *excuses I know *, and that ended up being my lot for the evening !!!

Still, a beautiful evening, with good company, good weather, and target species nailed, even if it was only a nipper.

A friend had his first ever undulate that night, so happy to of put him on the fish, I know he was buzzing !!!

Tight lines all, Dominic and Kai