Dominic Dyas

Wind for days 😐

I am a gluten for punishment .

I will fish everyday regardless of weather.

And ESPECIALLY when the bait in my fridge is looking like this !!!

amazing peeler, would be rude not to use it !!

So , with 30mph breeze due a couple of hours into the session , my intentions were to fish long range for any hounds cruising about , and drop short for the bass once the wind and tide picked up. Someone didn’t tell the fish my plans though !

First cast was this beautiful little bass , which gave me a decent slackliner and made a b line to the surface 120 yards out . The whole way in i was just praying it wasnt an eel !!

he couldn’t resist the crab !!

Shortly after, another decent slackliner but struck into nothingness ?! How can that be ?

Then the winds rolled in , and with quite a big tide , ended up getting fairly wet.

The fish decided not to play ball , and had me regretting my decision to leave my squid indoors , or i would of plonked a whole squid bait 15 yards out in the surf. But we live and learn .

the wind, she blows !!

This was my least productive session at canvey island in the last 4 weeks , but to be honest , i knew today was going to be a shot in the dark . The hounds have thinned out during these bigger, rougher tides , but i was dying to get these crabs in the drink

Hopefully the next session will be more eventful !


Tight lines all, Dominic and Kai

Dominic Dyas

Another hound bites the dust .

Father and son trip out of leigh on sea today, on Plan B , skippered by Keith today.

Only a short steam out as for some of the youngsters , this was a taster. And a good first experience, everyone caught some fish so good going!

Was a very strange experience to be on a boat so close to where i was fishing from southend pier !

First drop on whole squid was a decent mid 8lb hound , lovely scrap on her too !!

First fish of the day .

From then , we had a further 7 , some smaller and some a very similar size. Was a very good experience for the new kids to fishing, they all got a touch on a shark !!! The boy had a couple of real decent fish !!
Kai’s first fish of the day

I will never get tired of seeing him catching, the opportunities he gets and the fish he catches are stuff I dreamed of when I was a child, and its all so so normal to him .

Into another decent toothy one

Baits today were squid, ragworm and hardback crabs , with crab being the main producer. Some points of the day saw us on quite lumpy sea’s , but he handles it all in his mini stride like a champion .

He let dad sneak a couple of fish in also .

All in all, another successful day for Team Dyas 👌

Until the next write up, which im sure wont be long, tight lines all and hope your all catching!!

Dominic and Kai

Dominic Dyas

Undies in a twist .

Decided on Hove beach for this evening, a 12:15 high and a lovely evening would make it a good night to be out, even if the fish didn’t play ball.

They had a few kicks, but definitely weren’t out there in their masses .

Arriving at 6pm to hordes of beach goers, I spent some time getting set up real comfy and just watching Kai have a blast in the water , hes such a lad

Decided to finally get a bait out at around 9pm , just as the slight bit of breeze we had dropped off. To nothingness. I don’t mind for when I’m making rigs , but I always favour at least a tiny breeze.

So, burgers cooked, the boy is now casting around a homemade plug in the surf on his tronix lure rod like a lunatic . He’s so good, he can fish for hours , even on braided lines without a worry for me, not a tangle or miscast. He has a bright future in angling for sure , for a 7 year old his lure fishing is ace, keeps up with me on fish count !!!

First to succumb to a bluey bait was a lovely little undulate ray of around 2lb, which slack lined me . A couple of quick photos, and it was put back in hopes of finding the parents.

20 minutes after, my smallest smoothhound of the year haha !

About half past 10 I missed a beautiful take, as Kai had rested his rod over mine and couldn’t strike *excuses I know *, and that ended up being my lot for the evening !!!

Still, a beautiful evening, with good company, good weather, and target species nailed, even if it was only a nipper.

A friend had his first ever undulate that night, so happy to of put him on the fish, I know he was buzzing !!!

Tight lines all, Dominic and Kai

Dominic Dyas

Pretty Little Things

So, with the sea flattening , and a load of peeler crabs in the fridge gagging to be used, we headed to Shoreham Harbour West Arm

Run by a group called SHACO, with Lee as the main warden , who always greets you with a wee smile, this arm is a pleasure to fish, with plethora of species knocking around.

Today the target was Bream and Flounder, along with a small chance of a big smoothhound or undulate ray

The smaller species gave themselves up easy on small strips of fish baits and size 4 hooks 5 metres out , with some beautiful fish landed and a few decent 1lb+ fish dropped !

First little Black Bream of the day

Next on the list was a postage stamp place , but nevertheless, what we came for , and then a lovey size mackerel for my son Kai , on mackerel strip, blimmin cannibals i tell thee!!

The big rods stayed doormant , for hours on end, with not even crabs having a sniff . Then out of the blue the ratchet starts going. Within a second, my braid gives me the feedback i needed, and tells me ive got a lovely set of feathers bouncing all over me and a guy next to me with a smile on his face like hes hooked a giant, it took 5 times of telling him its my line, and £55 worth of it at that that hes trying to play up onto the beach before he finally stopped pumping and winding. Funny stuff.

Sums up my day for the Cobras, was not the day for a specimen size fish unfortunately . However , the bream and Horse Mackerel were very obliging and at least i now have some freezer baits for my winter piking and bassing ..

The biggest bream went 14z today , a touch under what i would call a dinner fish, but all good fun on light tackle !

Next session hopefully were back on the hounds , and hoping for a new personal best !

Tight Lines all, Dominic and Kai