Dominic Dyas

Pretty Little Things

So, with the sea flattening , and a load of peeler crabs in the fridge gagging to be used, we headed to Shoreham Harbour West Arm

Run by a group called SHACO, with Lee as the main warden , who always greets you with a wee smile, this arm is a pleasure to fish, with plethora of species knocking around.

Today the target was Bream and Flounder, along with a small chance of a big smoothhound or undulate ray

The smaller species gave themselves up easy on small strips of fish baits and size 4 hooks 5 metres out , with some beautiful fish landed and a few decent 1lb+ fish dropped !

First little Black Bream of the day

Next on the list was a postage stamp place , but nevertheless, what we came for , and then a lovey size mackerel for my son Kai , on mackerel strip, blimmin cannibals i tell thee!!

The big rods stayed doormant , for hours on end, with not even crabs having a sniff . Then out of the blue the ratchet starts going. Within a second, my braid gives me the feedback i needed, and tells me ive got a lovely set of feathers bouncing all over me and a guy next to me with a smile on his face like hes hooked a giant, it took 5 times of telling him its my line, and £55 worth of it at that that hes trying to play up onto the beach before he finally stopped pumping and winding. Funny stuff.

Sums up my day for the Cobras, was not the day for a specimen size fish unfortunately . However , the bream and Horse Mackerel were very obliging and at least i now have some freezer baits for my winter piking and bassing ..

The biggest bream went 14z today , a touch under what i would call a dinner fish, but all good fun on light tackle !

Next session hopefully were back on the hounds , and hoping for a new personal best !

Tight Lines all, Dominic and Kai

Bailey Payne

Growing up Fishing

I started fishing when I was young, probably around 5, from what I can remember anyway. My Dad is who introduced me to the world of Fishing. When I look back on my view of Fishing as a kid, it’s so niave, I thought there was only one way to fish, just the way my Dad done it. I owe him a lot for showing me how to fish, it was such a nice way to pass the time and truly just think. I first started Fishing the Pole, which in Essex is a bit of a dying art. Just catching whatever species came my way, my early memories are Fishing Gloucester Park in Basildon, and arguing with my dad about unhooking an eel, why would I want to unhook a water snake?! And then as I got into Fishing more, we joined the Billericay Club, 4am mornings to get to the Southminster pits I loved, catching bags of small Perch and Roach, such an innocent start to the sport. The joy of catching a Tench on part of my peanut butter sandwich is one which sticks in my mind. I think those days as a kid, enjoying catching anything, shaped me as an Angler, in those early days, I learnt a lot of love and respect for the fish, and it made me enjoy catching anything, and to this day, I still don’t care what I catch, whether it be the smallest fish in the lake, or a new personal best, as long as it bites, it would put a smile on my face.

I guess the whole point here is to set the tone of what I am about when it comes to Fishing, and what you guys should expect moving forward with my blogs. And the truth is anything really, I love catching anything, on any day. Admitingly, at the moment I am loving my River Fishing, but, I have done so much more, I Pole Fish, Fish on the Tip with a Feeder or on the Bomb, I have a Fly Rod (Won’t say I can Fly Fish, yet!), Will be Lure Fishing too and will have trips Sea Fishing. I will talk about the gear I use, which is best descriped by Budget gear! The hope is to continue to grow as an Angler, and share my growth with you guys, and hopefully I can teach someone else something, or just spark a bit of passion to go and pick up a Rod, or to try something new.

I will leave you all with a few pics from the last year or so of some different catches, which is a bit of a mixed bag really! A few of the trips are recent and may get their own blog so if you see them again just go with it!