Dominic Dyas

Literally CHASING fish and children😂😡

So. After 2 near blanks on my local hound mark, a trip over the water to the isle of sheppey was in order. Bartons Point for anyone wanting an easy to fish, scenic venue .

Which was annoying as the night i went, the fish made a b line from this beach to the one id left to find them !. Oh well haha.

We also thought we would make a mini camping trip of it with the kids, so loaded up the kayak , new teepee tent and the fishing gear into the car , the whole time with that nagging impeding feeling that a blank was coming .

The fishing on the first evening was awfully slow, not a single rattle during the flood, and the weed came in abundance on the ebb, so called that an early night .

Alot of fun was had with the kids really enjoying their first kayak expedition and they adored the tent which i knew they would

first kayak trip for the kids.
we were treated to an amazing sunset
how convenient. Rods, tent and car all within 20 yards.

The next morning, was again, ridiculous heat , and ALOT of jetski and kayak action.

I somehow managed an individual smoothhound out in the heat of the day , which to be honest i thought by the way it was playing , was a baby stingray, just had a strange feeling bringing it in, that was a shame, but target species regardless !

first and only take of the day
release the mini beast. Crabsmasher!!
only small, but they all count !!
the boy gagging for “rowling” *rowing haha

So, all in all , a good tester trip to see if the boys liked the outdoors overnight.

Also it was lovely to just open the tent in the morning, prep a crab bait and cast out, i will definitely be back for another camping trip.

And this time, i wont drop the cups of tea ive just spent 45 mins sourcing from an open shop at 5 in the morning 😡

Hopefully the bext write up will involve more pictures of fish, but all we can do is hope .

Tight lines, Dominic and Kai

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