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  • Casting practice
    Hello everyone and welcome to my blog I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoy sea fishing. Wednesday 8th july 2020 a very good friend of mine came all the way up to grays from Peterborough to help me out with my pendulum casting. Got down grays wharf around 12:30pm and set my […]
  • A ‘Lucky’ First Trip
    Since we have been allowed to fish again in mid-May, I decided to fish as many new waters this year as possible, wanting to move on from the local day ticket lakes where the average fish are single figure, and to break the 20lb barrier. I think it’s fair to say I have been fairly […]
  • Making your own Floats
    I make a lot of my own floats for when I am Pole Fishing, I also sometimes use these floats on a rod too. It’s a nice feeling catching a Fish on a float you have put together on your own. Admitingly, making floats doesn’t have to be hard, but it’s something nice to spend […]
  • Fishing with the Kids
    As a Dad, I want my kids to enjoy fishing as much as I do. I suppose in a way to recreate the memories I had with my Dad and make some new ones along the way. What I found hard, was how to get them into it. Children’s attention span isn’t great and they […]
  • My River Roding Curse!
    Today (Sat 4th July 2020), marked my first early start for a while, arriving at my club River for the first time this season at an early 8am. I decided to Fish a stretch I haven’t yet, haven’t even walked this stretch before. After rain last night and a bit during the week I was […]
  • Can’t win them all
    ***Can’t win them all*** Last night I entered a two hour match, what a long two hours it was.I will first explain the situation of the lake as its very different.Normally when fishing for F1’s which a shoal feeders, you catch a few then they start backing away so you have to follow them to […]
  • River Wid – Unexpected Catches
    At the end of my previous post “Exploration of the Wid”, I wondered what different species I could catch from the Wid and the size of them. A few trips will be crammed into this post, as I done some quick evening sessions with different setups. Tactic #1 – Bread Flake My first tactic is […]
  • Back to the Match scene.
    After a very long break from match fishing, I decided to give it another go. I found out that there was a match on a local lake, I just couldn’t resist the urge to give the match scene a go again. Arriving at 8am to see a busy car park full of keen matchmen ready […]
  • Exploration of the Wid
    During the close season of the Rivers, I wanted to prepare and explore some new local Rivers I haven’t fished before to try and find maybe a hidden gem in possibly ignored Essex waterways. Now a lot of you may say, the River Wid isn’t an ignored Essex River, infact it’s quite well known. That’s […]
  • Growing up Fishing
    I started fishing when I was young, probably around 5, from what I can remember anyway. My Dad is who introduced me to the world of Fishing. When I look back on my view of Fishing as a kid, it’s so niave, I thought there was only one way to fish, just the way my […]