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  • Small River Roach Fishing
    Regular readers of my blogs will recall that I have a soft spot for one particular Essex River, and in particular one little stretch a mile of so long, I fished this beautiful meandering river at least weekly often 2/3 times a week for many, many years, 10 years ago I moved to Colchester and […]
  • Sunny River Fishing
    Today I headed to a lovely stretch of the Chelmer, this stretch has fantastic Roach in to a great size, loads of Chub and Dace too, a brilliant bit of River and it was my first time Fishing it, and I continued to use the centerpin in hope of continuing my learning of the method! […]
  • Carpdell
    Welcome back to another JT Carpers blog, unfortunately we have hit the bank since the last blog however it didn’t quite turn out how we wanted (Blank city 🙁) so this week’s blog is another blast from the past, this week we revisit a trip that was interesting to say the least.  So, we visited Carpdell Fisheries in Watford after the bailiff who looked after […]
  • Fishing the Stour
    So, it was an early start today. Was fishing by 05:45 and made the rookie mistake of setting up my rod once I was at my swim. Still a bit dark at that time and took me a bit longer to thread the line through the eyes lol (getting old). I was in the Colchester […]
  • Back to the old school.
    When I was a lad growing up in South Yorkshire in the 60s & 70s (stick with me) things were different in many ways. In my late teenage years it seemed that everyone was a fisherman – at work on a Monday morning the question “Where did you go at the weekend?” invariably received an […]
  • Learning the Centerpin Reel!
    Well, in the week I took delivery of something new, yet something old school, guess the title probably gives it away! I got my first centerpin reel! I was really excited to try and decided for my tactics to be a bit of youth! Fishing with a light float and some maggot and catch whatever […]
  • When a Plan Doesn’t Quite Come Together
    If you made it as far as the end in my last blog, I said that this week I would be comparing two rigs. A standard mono hair rig, and a coated braid blowback rig complete with anti-tangle sleave and kicker. I lied. The goal of last weekend’s session was to put the two rigs […]
  • ‘The Mill’
    This week we re-cap on a session a few years ago where I caught my current UK PB, with schools going back and Jack being busy with work we haven’t been able to hit the bank in the last couple weeks so unfortunately have nothing new to post, so today we take a short trip down memory […]
  • For the love of Tench
    So, I love Tench/Tinca’s, what a fish and what a fighter. There’s nothing like seeing the fizzing in the water and know that the green beauty is down there. I usually fish for them early morning or late afternoon. From 11am to 3pm I never have much luck. Now over the years I have caught […]
  • ALL CHANGE……( A Sea fishing report for Freshwater Anglers)
    When you have been hammering away at the same old thing for a while, with the same results often what is needed is a change of technique, location or even species. I put this to Sheena (my wife) and she disagreed vehemently, but when I explained that I was referring to fishing she seemed much […]
  • A Week In LRF
    Hello Essex Anglers and thank you for inviting me to write for your site. My name is Ben Bassett and I’m based in Plymouth, Devon, fishing ultralight with lures for a myriad of sea species. I’m hoping my fishing may help inspire yours, whether that’s based locally in Essex or across the UK. Recently I […]
  • River Trotting
    I headed to a small stretch of a River for a small trotting session with a mix baits just to get a few fish and catch some different species! And it didn’t disappoint! It was only a quick hour session with my waggler rod a light float fishing quite shallow to see what I could […]
  • Fishing a Two Hundred Year Old Mill Pond
    The Bank holiday weekend just gone, I was lucky enough to get some time off work. Half of my family live 280 miles away in Lancashire and my eldest cousin was moving to a new house so we decided to visit for a long weekend. Although my cousin doesn’t fish himself, he loves the outdoors […]
  • Return to the Guest Lake
    Myself and Jack have had this session booked for a few weeks so with all the very hot weather leading up to this session we weren’t as quite positive as we would normally be. Arriving at the lake, after a hearty hello and little chat with the Owner we made our way over to the Guest Lake, with other […]
  • Surface fishing with the Walsh’s
    Bank holiday Monday was upon me and after speaking to my old mate Matt Walsh who hasn’t been fishing for long, we decided to do a family day fishing. Now that’s four adults and four kids and Baby Pippa. So, in the morning I went to Clacton Angling and got 4 guest tickets for my […]