Joe Chappell

  • When a Plan Doesn’t Quite Come Together
    If you made it as far as the end in my last blog, I said that this week I would be comparing two rigs. A standard mono hair rig, and a coated braid blowback rig complete with anti-tangle sleave and kicker. I lied. The goal of last weekend’s session was to put the two rigs […]
  • Fishing a Two Hundred Year Old Mill Pond
    The Bank holiday weekend just gone, I was lucky enough to get some time off work. Half of my family live 280 miles away in Lancashire and my eldest cousin was moving to a new house so we decided to visit for a long weekend. Although my cousin doesn’t fish himself, he loves the outdoors […]
  • Spicing Things Up
    In my fishing, attraction is everything. I’m a big believer that all fish, coarse or sea are more likely to take a bait that has greater attraction. This can be with scent and flavour, but also colour and even sound. (When lure fishing). Last week had been a bit ill so there had been no […]
  • Reservoir Diaries, Part 3
    A few days after my previous success at Rochford Reservoir, I visited for a few hours after work. The plan was to pack light and to stalk a couple out of the margins. As soon as I got to the lake, I saw feeding carp with their tails up and heads down. I was buzzing […]
  • Reservoir Diaries Part 2
    It was the hottest day of the year so far. My alarm sounded, I turned over to see that the time read 05:30. Waking up that early only ever means one thing for me. Fishing! The plan was to pack light and cycle down to Rochford Reservoir with Jack. We hoped to do some early […]
  • Reservoir Diaries Part 1
    Rochford Reservoir is a venue I have fished a lot this year and a place I’m going to be putting some good time into over the course of the year, so it’s likely there will be more reservoir diaries to come.  It’s a day ticket lake, however they do offer a set number of memberships […]
  • Ramble on the River Roach
    Last Thursday, my mate Jack and I did a quick afternoon session on the River Roach. We were on our bikes so had to pack light, a rod, reel, net, some bait and some end tackle was all we needed. The Roach is a small river, running from the River Crouch near Paglesham to the […]
  • Slimy Surprises
    Last Thursday, my dad joined me on a 24 hour session to Chigborough fisheries in Heybridge, near Maldon. It was my second visit and his first. We were hoping to catch some stunning carp and beat my dads very poor PB of 15lb. I knew there were some stonking bream and tench present too so […]
  • The River Crouch Bass Adventure
    I must have caught a few dozen sea bass in my life before. Nothing massive, the biggest probably a couple pound. Most were caught on bait and a few were caught jigging feathers. I’ve always wanted to catch one on a lure, the light gear and constant movement involved in lure fishing is what drew […]
  • My First Carp
    Now, I caught my first carp when I was 10 but I’ve always thought I never really caught it. It was a Nash open day at local lake, and the absolute legend that is Alan Blair handed me the rod, with a carp on the other end. Before this, I had only ever caught a […]
  • The Chigborough Chunk
    A few weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to enjoy a trip to Chigborough farm and fisheries. I had visited once before to try a bit of fly fishing with a friend’s dad, but that was over a year ago. On this day, the target was carp and my fingers were crossed for a twenty. […]
  • Day Ticket Action and Tidal River Blanking
    This weekend, I was fortunate enough to go fishing on both Saturday and Sunday. I can’t remember the last time I went fishing two days in a row. On the Saturday, I fished my local lake Rochford reservoir, it doesn’t take too long to get to and I’m also a member. On the Sunday, I […]
  • A ‘Lucky’ First Trip
    Since we have been allowed to fish again in mid-May, I decided to fish as many new waters this year as possible, wanting to move on from the local day ticket lakes where the average fish are single figure, and to break the 20lb barrier. I think it’s fair to say I have been fairly […]