Jack & Terry

  • Park Lake Adventures
    This week we visit a Park lake me and Jack fished a few years back, this being Belhus Country Park, now at the time we were both fairly new to carp fishing and was trying to find our feet and after seeing a few of the beautiful fish in these lakes we decided to give it a […]
  • Carpdell
    Welcome back to another JT Carpers blog, unfortunately we have hit the bank since the last blog however it didn’t quite turn out how we wanted (Blank city đŸ™) so this week’s blog is another blast from the past, this week we revisit a trip that was interesting to say the least.  So, we visited Carpdell Fisheries in Watford after the bailiff who looked after […]
  • ‘The Mill’
    This week we re-cap on a session a few years ago where I caught my current UK PB, with schools going back and Jack being busy with work we haven’t been able to hit the bank in the last couple weeks so unfortunately have nothing new to post, so today we take a short trip down memory […]
  • Return to the Guest Lake
    Myself and Jack have had this session booked for a few weeks so with all the very hot weather leading up to this session we weren’t as quite positive as we would normally be. Arriving at the lake, after a hearty hello and little chat with the Owner we made our way over to the Guest Lake, with other […]
  • Koi Meets World
    So, this week we are re-visiting a recent trip to a lake we have never fished before. The lake itself is relatively new so there really isn’t much information out there regarding stock etc. Myself and Jack had a sit down at a previous trip to sort our next trip, as we always do, even when we are fishing, we are already thinking of our next […]