Paul Knott

“the beginning”

I can always remember when I was a kid going fishing for the first time with my dad. This is where my fishing journey began. It started off with going down the pier at Southend-On-Sea then sitting on the beach with a couple of rods just hoping luck was on our side. As the time went on and the older I got, I really started to get more and more into fishing. My dad entered me into a fishing competition on the pier, which I won. Not because I caught anything that day, it was due to no one else turning up. That didn’t matter to me though, I was just over the moon that I won.

When I was around 13 years old, I started getting into fresh water fishing. I remember going over my local lake just 2 minutes from my house, we use to walk the dogs over there. My dad knew I wanted to fish this lake. One morning I woke up and my dad gave me my very first float rod.  By now I knew a little bit about fresh water fishing with a float, just going for roach and the odd tench. They were always fun to catch on a float rod, they gave me a good fight. Unfortunately, my dad and mum broke up when I was 15. My dad moved away to Devon so we couldn’t go fishing as much anymore.

I started going fishing with my brothers who were madly into carp fishing. One of my brothers Ricky, took me carp fishing in Basildon. I will always remember this as a funny days fishing. Everything started off great, until my brother said the next one is yours. He told me everything I needed to know and to do if the rod screamed off. I was so nervous thinking what if I messed up, then out of nowhere the rod goes off like a rocket. I remember my brother shouting fish on! Fish on! So I run up to strike the rod. But me being nervous, I forgot my brother told me I had to hold the spool when I strike. So the line all come off the reel. Lucky enough when we managed to sort out the line, the fish was still on there.  It felt amazing. So I’m playing the fish, doing everything my brothers told me to do. I finally get this fish in, not the biggest of fish but it was my very first carp. I was so happy. From this day on, I turned from sea fishing to carp fishing and I have never looked back.

Getting my first set up when I was 16, I’ve learnt so much over the past 12 years.  I still get the same buzzing feeling that I had from my first fishing experience and that’s what it’s all about. There’s nothing better getting set up over a beautiful lake, rods out and just relaxing waiting for one of the rods to scream off.