Bailey Payne

  • Sunny River Fishing
    Today I headed to a lovely stretch of the Chelmer, this stretch has fantastic Roach in to a great size, loads of Chub and Dace too, a brilliant bit of River and it was my first time Fishing it, and I continued to use the centerpin in hope of continuing my learning of the method! […]
  • Learning the Centerpin Reel!
    Well, in the week I took delivery of something new, yet something old school, guess the title probably gives it away! I got my first centerpin reel! I was really excited to try and decided for my tactics to be a bit of youth! Fishing with a light float and some maggot and catch whatever […]
  • River Trotting
    I headed to a small stretch of a River for a small trotting session with a mix baits just to get a few fish and catch some different species! And it didn’t disappoint! It was only a quick hour session with my waggler rod a light float fishing quite shallow to see what I could […]
  • Quest for Rudd
    Today I continued my quest for a big Rudd! Heading back to this little rural Essex Lake in hope a big chunky Rudd decides to feed! It wasn’t great weather, a very cold wind blowing all day and rain was looming, so without a brolly I weren’t sure how long I would last! My technique […]
  • First Winter on the Roding
    In this post I am going to be looking back on my first winter Fishing the Roding. Sadly I didn’t manage loads of trips to Fish the River due to conditions, the River spent most of the winter flooded and un-fishable. As you can see here, it was a bit high, and this was a […]