Bailey Payne

  • Bag of Crucians
    Due to the scorching conditions it’s a weekend I won’t be Fishing, but in spirit of the great weather we are having (although a bit too hot for my liking!), I may as well talk about the perfect summer Fish! The Crucian! Now, I am lucky enough that my club lakes stock Crucians in some […]
  • Mixed Morning Session
    With the weather being a bit hot and bright recently and the Rivers not Fishing very well at the moment, I opted to go to my club lakes. Hockley Angling Club have a lovely set of lakes with a nice range of Fishing, however they do stock Barbel in all the lakes, so really wanted […]
  • Lure Fishing for Perch!
    Well today I done something a bit different to my usually link ledgering for Chub! I went out on a guided session with Charlie Coppolo to do some Lure Fishing for Perch! This is the first time I have really done Lure Fishing so it was very much unchartered waters for me, like the location! […]
  • When the Plan doesn’t come together
    Well, it was a tough Saturday for me, and definetly one to forget. But River Fishing is like that, sometimes it just doesn’t happen, and you have to take the lows with the highs, a lot of the time it’s just about being out in nature which makes it a nice escape. I went out […]
  • Under the Chelmer
    On the weekends I have been out doing some kayaking down some parts of the Chelmer (Sorry to those Fishing!), I thought I couldn’t have this opportunity without trying to look at some of the Fish, I spent a lot of my time just drifting along looking down in the River trying to spot some […]