Bailey Payne

  • Making your own Floats
    I make a lot of my own floats for when I am Pole Fishing, I also sometimes use these floats on a rod too. It’s a nice feeling catching a Fish on a float you have put together on your own. Admitingly, making floats doesn’t have to be hard, but it’s something nice to spend […]
  • My River Roding Curse!
    Today (Sat 4th July 2020), marked my first early start for a while, arriving at my club River for the first time this season at an early 8am. I decided to Fish a stretch I haven’t yet, haven’t even walked this stretch before. After rain last night and a bit during the week I was […]
  • River Wid – Unexpected Catches
    At the end of my previous post “Exploration of the Wid”, I wondered what different species I could catch from the Wid and the size of them. A few trips will be crammed into this post, as I done some quick evening sessions with different setups. Tactic #1 – Bread Flake My first tactic is […]
  • Exploration of the Wid
    During the close season of the Rivers, I wanted to prepare and explore some new local Rivers I haven’t fished before to try and find maybe a hidden gem in possibly ignored Essex waterways. Now a lot of you may say, the River Wid isn’t an ignored Essex River, infact it’s quite well known. That’s […]
  • Growing up Fishing
    I started fishing when I was young, probably around 5, from what I can remember anyway. My Dad is who introduced me to the world of Fishing. When I look back on my view of Fishing as a kid, it’s so niave, I thought there was only one way to fish, just the way my […]