Dominic Dyas

Babysitting at Bartons Point with Dad .

With the wind approaching 30mph on our side of the water, a quick decision to fly over to the isle of sheppey with my dad was made. Wasn’t too hopeful , as we knew it would be flatted off and gin clear , but id rather fish in that, than gale force wind in my teeth .

conditions were exactly as we wanted and expected, not the best for bites , but still made for far more comfortable fishing .

Baits today were ragworm, lugworm, some beautiful fresh peeler and squid, and from the off, the small stuff was hard to wade through.

Crabs were clearly out in force today , and after a flurry of little knocks from tiny hound pups and bass, i finally found myself into something over 1lb .

a small but perfectly formed thornback

An obliging thornback decided to gulp down my peeler bait , but left no indication until it had taken me over the people next to me , who , coincidently had all the beach to fish and set up 10 metres away . As is sea fishing .

The highlight of the trip for me was this beautiful tiny little bass. Ive caught thousands , but NEVER seen one with spots ! What a stunning little creature.

Miniture perfection !

With high tide came incredible amounts of weed , and saw us unable to hold bottom for more than a minute. Also, we were absolutely soaked from the constant drizzle, so decided to admit defeat.

Still 7 fish between us, including our target species even though they were small pups.

But still, better than sitting in the wind !!

Tight lines all

Dominic and Kai

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