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Welcome back to another JT Carpers blog, unfortunately we have hit the bank since the last blog however it didn’t quite turn out how we wanted (Blank city đŸ™) so this week’s blog is another blast from the past, this week we revisit a trip that was interesting to say the least. 

So, we visited Carpdell Fisheries in Watford after the bailiff who looked after us at Carpers Paradise, Lake Chira, Gran Canaria had moved back to blighty and became the bailiff at Carpdell, after hearing some really cool things about the lake we decided to book up a 48-hour visit and have a social with Chris at the same time. 

Firstly, I would just like to say how beautiful this lake is, set within a private farm/zoo and amongst some beautiful foliage it really is an awesome place to be, there is also an onsite cabin with kitchen facilities for the anglers to use, with toilet and shower facilities as well, wild peacocks and parrots flying/running around is also a bit surreal but makes for a very unique fishing trip, as with the last blog I will leave the web address for Carpdell at the end of this blog so you can go and take a look for yourself and I really do recommend you do so. 

Onto the fishing! With Chris giving us some information on the lake it was apparent that the Crayfish could be an issue and we would need to tackle this within our tactics, the lake isn’t huge so we had the whole lake covered from all the different swims we were fishing in so we did feel confident. 

After admiring the lake and surroundings with Chris (Free visit round the private zoo was pretty cool) we set rods into place and was heading into the first night, just after the light had faded my dad had a few single indications on his rod which was followed by a ripping take, after a very short battled he was met with a lovely 14lb mirror, the lake doesn’t have a huge stock but the stock that’s in there is awesome (Biggest fish is a 40lb+ Ghostie called Triple B (Big Bad Barry)) and the average fish being 18lb+ so this one was on the smaller side, so much so that it was actually the smallest fish in the lake and had the name ‘Fireball,’ this was quite fitting for my dad as he is a bit of a smaller gentleman. 

With the rest of the night passing uneventfully we was awoken by the sound of Moose bellowing (pretty cool!) We had a lovely cooked breakfast and set off for the rest of the day, myself and Jack used the day to wind in the rods and attempt to stalk on the opposite margin which has no pegs so is only fishable by either fishing to the margin from the other side or stalking, with that in mind the fish do tend to huddle up there as it is hard to get to them. 

Without any luck we returned to our swims ready for the next night, whilst we was sitting around having a nice social and admiring the bats flying around our heads my dad had another ripping take, this time from a spot advised to him from Chirs, one to two rod lengths off of a jetty to the left of his swim and then baited by myself over the top as soon as the rig hit the water to ensure accurate baiting, straight away you could tell this fish was a lot bigger then the last and it put up a very good fight, after a tough battle for my dad the fish hit the net and WOW! NEW PB! This was an awesome common carp known as ‘The all Front’ and at 27lb this was Dad’s new PB so this trip was now considered a huge success! 

With us all buzzing and happy for Dad we went to bed happy chappys, with the previous night going past uneventfully and us having to leave by 10am the likelihood of another fish was slowly fading, the night passed and with first light came a screaming take on Jacks right hand rod, Jack was fishing tight to a boat to the right hand side of his swim as this was a lovely feature within his swim where we thought the fish would go for some cover, again you could tell this wasn’t a small fish from the way it fought, after a lovely battle Jack had landed this awesome fish, after getting it out of the water and looking at it, unbelievably it was ‘The all Front’ common again! The very same fish my Dad had netted just over 8 hours before at the complete opposite end of the lake, I’ve heard of repeat captures of fish etc but within 8 hours at the other end of the lake is very strange! Even more surprisingly the fish weighed less when Jack caught it, weighing in at 26.8lb this was now Jack’s UK PB and again an awesome fish to have in your portfolio. 

Sadly, with that immaculate fish and story coming on the last morning of our trip we had no more fish to report, just a quick trip to the local Harvester for a well-earned cooked breakfast, we have since visited Carpdell again since this trip and I may touch upon that in another blog, we are hoping to revisit the lake again next year but obviously with the current state of the world who knows where we will be able to fish or not. 

Until next week, 

Tight Lines & Wet Nets 




Jack and Terry

‘The Mill’

This week we re-cap on a session a few years ago where I caught my current UK PB, with schools going back and Jack being busy with work we haven’t been able to hit the bank in the last couple weeks so unfortunately have nothing new to post, so today we take a short trip down memory lane! 

This trip was a 48-hour session to the awesome little lake which is ‘The Mill’ day ticket lake in Chelmsford, if you haven’t seen anything about this lake, I recommend checking out the link at the end of this blog to take you to their Facebook page. 

Whilst not having much prior knowledge of the lake we arrived as a group of 6 and had the whole lake to ourselves apart from one person fishing the far end of the lake, however he was due off in the morning so we would have the rest of the lake to ourselves from then on out. 

After arriving we done a quick lap of the lake and decided on swims, our friend Chris choosing to fish the big swim by the car park, my dad, Jim & Stu then fishing the 2-3 swims up from Chris along the left side of the lake, Jack choosing to fish the swim in the opposite corner from Chris and then myself fishing in the swim to the left of Jack, we had most of the lake covered as a group so was very hopeful of landing one of the lakes gorgeous residents. 

There is a slight ‘snag’ per say across the top of the lake, these being power lines however these can be worked around and shouldn’t cause a problem, well or so I thought, me being me decided to pick the swim directly below the power lines assuming I would be fine, unfortunately it was quite apparent not long after finding spots etc that this wasn’t to be the swim for me. 

With the rods back in and now in a bit of a sulky mood I decided to change swim and slip in-between Chris & Stu as long the left-hand side of the lake, from speaking to the Bailiff he advised that beneath the power lines was a good spot as it isn’t very accessible from most swims the fish tend to hang out here feeling protected, with this in mind I cast as close as I could to the underneath of the power lines but not so close that history repeated itself. 

Casting out around 10 spombs of Duster Baits Criller-X boilies over the spot and using a Ronnie Rig using Fluro pink Duster Baits nut-trix pop-up over the top of the bait I went to bed feeling slightly deflated as this wasn’t my first choice of swim and feeling a lot less confident than before, but hey you have to use the hand your dealt with so we cracked on, so I could only hope the Fishing Gods were looking down on me. 

The night passed uneventfully for everyone, but at around 7am I had a couple of single bleeps on my middle rod and was met with a drop back, picking up the rod and reeling in the slack line BANG! I was in contact with one of the lakes residents, after a short battle the fish hit the back of the landing net and with that all of the upset from the day before was forgotten. 

An awesome looking mirror/leather carp and at 25lb was my new UK PB fish and still stands to this day! 

Unfortunately the rest of the trip passed very uneventfully for everyone and this turned out to be the only fish of the session between us all, however we had an awesome social and a lovely time, we do aim to get back to ‘The Mill’ soon however we are trying to focus on the ‘Guest Lake’ and becoming members of the club, so for now it will have to sit on the back burner. 

Thanks again for coming and reading our little blog, we do have a vlog of the trip above over on our YouTube channel, unfortunately we aren’t currently making vlogs but hopefully we are looking at starting again soon but until then feel free to look over our old videos, this one included on the link below. 

So, until next week, 

Tight Lines & Wet Nets. 



‘The Mill’:

YouTube Video:

Jack and Terry

Return to the Guest Lake

Myself and Jack have had this session booked for a few weeks so with all the very hot weather leading up to this session we weren’t as quite positive as we would normally be. Arriving at the lake, after a hearty hello and little chat with the Owner we made our way over to the Guest Lake, with other people already fishing we set up on the two available pegs and stood there watching the water for a while to see if we could see anything within our areas. The whole complex has some of the best aeration systems I have seen on a lake so this is always a feature to fish too when the weather is as hot as it has been over the last few weeks. 

With our tactics of baiting a single spot over the course of our trip working pretty well last time we decided to use that approach again, with one rod permanently on the baited spot whilst roaming & fishing the margins with the other two rods until we got a fish from the baited spot and then moving another rod over to the spot. 

With this session being a 36 hour session we was quietly confident of at least catching a few fish each, with the weather over our session seemingly cooling down from the ridiculous heats of the previous weeks we believed this would have a positive impact on the fishing, unfortunately this seemed to have an adverse effect on the lake as it seemed the takes dried up somewhat to what we usually get and it was a few hours till we got our first indication. 

Luckily for myself it was me with the first fish of the session, using our new baits from Spotted Fin, I was fishing a Slip D-Rig with a Pre-Glugged Smokey Jack wafter over a few Smokey Jack freebies up to the aerator. After a good old scrap, trust me these fish don’t half scrap as well! 

I was graced with this perfect common carp, again not big by any means but in pristine fighting condition. 

The rest of the day passed uneventfully for myself and Jack with only one or two other fish coming out from around the lake, which is very unusual for this lake so it just went to show how the weather can really affect a lake. 

After settling down on top of my bed (Way too hot to snuggle up into my sleeping bag) it wasn’t long before I had a screaming run on my baited spot, once again after an awesome little battle I was greeted with this lovely common carp, happy days! Maybe this was the turning point and we were about to get into some fish, I couldn’t be more wrong if I tried, with no more fish for myself and Jack only having a small common through the night our trip wasn’t looking as promising as we first hoped. 

All of the other anglers on the lake were moving off early Sunday morning so this gave me and Jack a chance to fish other spots and have the whole lake to ourselves basically, apparently I didn’t need to as I had a lovely little catfish from my aerator spot within the first couple of hours of daylight, lovely jubbly! 

An hour or so later I had another fish, this one being the biggest of the session and a lovely mirror/leather carp, awesome fighting fish, it had a huge tail on it and defiantly gave me the belief it was a much bigger fish but hey, an awesome and welcome fish none the less! 

With Jacks pegs not being very productive and his confidence taking a bit of a knock he decided to move into the swim to my left, this gave him half of the lake to fish for himself and the person in the swim that left that morning did have a few fish the day before so it was a bit of a no brainer for Jack to have a move, I chose to stay put as my peg seemed to be producing some fish when others weren’t, this again luckily paid off for me with a very pretty mirror carp. 

With the session coming to an end we reluctantly packed our stuff up and headed off home after having a word with the Owner, we found out two guys fishing one of the members lakes done a day session on the Sunday and landed two 30’s and a fair few 20’s within 6 hours of fishing (We heard their bite alarms going off constantly throughout the day and was getting jealous ourselves.) This made us want to become members even more and we cannot wait to get stuck in to the other lakes on site! 

So, with this session done and dusted so is this blog, once again thank you for reading this and supporting us on our journey, if you like to keep up to date with our fishing antics please follow the social media links below. 

Tight Lines & Wet Nets! 



Jack and Terry

Koi Meets World

So, this week we are re-visiting a recent trip to a lake we have never fished before. The lake itself is relatively new so there really isn’t much information out there regarding stock etc. Myself and Jack had a sit down at a previous trip to sort our next trip, as we always do, even when we are fishing, we are already thinking of our next trip. We just can’t get enough! 

Jack came across this lake on Facebook and after having a little look through the photos on their page, we decided to give it a go. The lake has a fairly good head of Koi, so why not give it a go and try to lure one of the lovely carp out. This trip was to be a small social with myself, Jack, My Dad Terry (Original name, I know right?!), Jack’s Father-In-Law Vaughn and my cousin Stuart. 

The Lake itself is located at Leigh-On-Sea which is about 45 minutes from where Jack lives and about 50 minutes from my parents’ house where I was staying for the weekend whilst visiting from Teh Countryside (Insert farmer accent (I live in Lincolnshire)). 

So, upon arriving at the lake we were greeted by the owner and onto this beautiful little lake, as I stated before the lake was relatively new so had a very clean and fresh look to it, it was immaculate! After talking to the owner for a few minutes he directed me to the ‘Hot Spots’ and without hesitation I was on them, it also worked in my favour that Jack wasn’t in ear shot of the conversation so I had first refusal which obviously I wasn’t going to turn down. 

With the owners advice heard loud and clear I tied on my trusty Slip-D rig using a 6 inch rig made using RidgeMonkey RM-Tec Soft Coated Hooklink and a size 6 J Precision Curve Shank hook, with a Spotted Fin 15mm Smokey Jack Glugged Wafter as hookbait, this rig has done me very well over the last few session so I have immense confidence in using it. With the rig prepped and cast into position I cast out my second rod to the other spot using a Spotted Fin Caramel Cream Wafter inside a solid bag with Halibut pellets as recommend by the owner. 

After a few hours soaking up the lovely weather and having a little social my rod suddenly burst into life! After a short battle I had my first carp from the new lake, a perfectly pristine common carp, happy days! 

So, with the common returned and the pressure off of myself by catching my first fish from a new lake the rod was re-cast and the bragging commenced. Within 30 minutes of the fish being returned the other rod ripped off! The ‘Hot Spots’ seemed to be paying off for me, a few minutes into the battle the fish topped the water and with the splash of orange I knew I was into one of the lovely koi carp that reside in this lake. 

With both of my methods working and two different baits I couldn’t be happier, unfortunately most of the day passed with no further action for myself or anyone else, I did however manage to perfectly hook possibly the smallest carp I have ever landed, the 15mm Caramel Cream Wafter was bigger than the fishes mouth so I must give the carp an A for effort on this one. 

When we arrived at the lake at the beginning of the day the owner did also recommend using a 6ft Zig up to the island in the middle of the lake, this wasn’t reachable from my peg so after the bites drying up I decided to switch one of my rods to a 5ft Zig using a Spotted Fin Caramel Cream Pop Up as it had done me previous bites during the date on the wafter variation. I cast the rig over to the same spot I had my first fish in the hope that they would be in the upper layers as the weather heated up during the day. 

Within a couple of hours of that rod being out I had a few single bleeps followed by a big drop back on that rod, after picking up the rod and winding down the line I was in contact with my fourth fish of the day! (Yes, I am counting the smaller fish.) 

Sadly, with this fish being the last of the day and no fish for anyone else that brings us to the end of our trip. I was over the moon with the results for myself, with it being a new lake and no prior knowledge of the lake before arriving, landing myself three fish and one of them being a Koi that was on our wish list this trip was a GREAT SUCCESS (Borat voice)

Once again thank-you for spending the time reading our blog, we really appreciate it. If you would like to keep up with our recent endeavours and future competitions please follow us on our social links below. 

Tight lines & Wet nets!



Jack and Terry

The Guest Lake

So firstly welcome back to yet another JT Carpers blog, we really appreciate all of the support and we genuinely love doing these every week.

This week we visit the Guest Lake of a local club we are hoping to join in the future. There are 4 lakes on the complex comprising of: The Carp Lake/ Top Lake, Guest Lake/ Middle Lake, Catfish Lake & The Small Carp Lake / Bottom Lake. Unfortunately without a full membership we can only fish the Guest Lake with prior permission from the owner. We have had the privilege of walking around the other lakes and we are in love! With carp to over 40lb, plenty of 30lb+ carp in the other 2 carp lakes and Catfish in excess of 100lb this is definitely a venue we want to get fully stuck into.

So on this occasion we went for a 48 hour trip on the Guest Lake. Having fished this lake a handful of times previously, we decided to have one spot that was heavily baited each and to have one rod on the spot during the days and move a second rod onto the spot of an evening time. With our other two rods throughout the day we would either cast to showing fish or try to create a spot with baiting little and often over the rods. As stated before we have done this approach previously and with quite a bit of success, so why not stick with a winning method!

Unfortunately for us, the weather wasn’t on our side and the soaring heat during the day made the fishing hard, however we still had a steady amount of fish throughout the day. None of the bigger residents, but we was happy with steadily catching some pretty awesome fighting carp.

With the night approaching, we both stuck a second rod onto our baited spots hoping for a fish or two through the night. It wasn’t long before one of my rods ripped off and I had to jump up out of my bed and make a b-line for the rods. With the fish safely in the net, I asked Jack for his assistance for a quick snap and then I will return both the fish and Jack to their resting places.

The night passed with a couple of extra fish, but with no real biguns amongst them, I chose not to wake sleeping beauty from his slumber and had a few not so good self takes with having to improvise with a few buckets instead of a tripod, which I forgot to bring.

With the morning sunrise came the hot weather throughout the day. Once again steadily catching fish throughout the day for myself and Jack whilst the other six people around the lake only catching 2-3 fish between them. We was obviously onto a winning formula. This was our first trip out using a new bait company ‘Spotted Fin’. Using a combination of their 3 carp baits; Smokey Jack, Classic Corn & Catalyst, we feel this really gave us an edge. Getting multiple takes from using a variety of the baits on our rigs really gave us that confidence boost that you love to get with a new bait. Our rigs were fairly basic with Jack using mainly a standard hair rig with some blowback tubing on the shank of the hook and a size 8 hook, and myself opting to use a slip d-rig on a size 6 hook from JPrecision Hooks.

During the spell on the second day, I managed two quick fish from the baited area. The first a lovely 19.8lb common. With the fish resting in the net and unhooked I then recast the rod onto the spot. This paid off perfectly as I was just slipping back the 19.8lb common when the rod ripped into life with a 17.8lb common from the same rod on the same spot as the previous fish. This just goes to show sometimes preparation is key and getting the rods back out there as soon as possible can get you them few bonus fish that you may not have got if you waited before resetting the traps!

As the day continued we once again caught a fish or two every few hours. Leading into the night we was feeling confident of maybe a couple more fish as the temperature started to drop, unfortunately this wasn’t to be the case and the second night went past pretty uneventful for both of us.

We was planning to leave at lunch time the next day so we had a few hours in the morning to see if we could manage a couple more fish and hopefully one of the lakes bigger residents. Sadly this wasn’t the case. We did however both manage to get ourselves a kitten of a Catfish which was quite surprising and very welcome.

With the trip all but over we slowly packed away our gear waiting for that ‘last cast’ to finally catch up with us. With time up the trip ended on a reasonable 15 fish between us and some very well spent time on the bank, admiring this awesome complex.

So thanks again for reading our blog, we hope you enjoyed it! Don’t forget to follow us on our social media channels to get more upto date news on our recent fishing trips. Until next week;

Tight lines & Wet nets!



Jack and Terry

Lake Chira Part 2

So here it is guys, the second and final part about our Lake Chira trip, i know in the first one i touched on tactics a little bit but didn’t go into much detail but that is because there wasn’t much to it to be honest, in this second part i will be talking about the last part of our week and what would turn out to be a very special day for myself and therefore the best part of my trip fishing wise.

So following the theme from the first half of the week the second half was very very productive with fish coming regularly through out the day to all five of us, with sunshine and a great social this really was a holiday as well as a fishing trip.

As i said in part one we kept capturing beautiful mirror after beautiful mirror carp and it was awesome to see, then Jack through a spanner in the works and managed to capture a lovely 20lb common carp! Again this wasn’t the biggest fish of our trip but a very memorable one as it was the biggest common carp of the trip and one of the very few we managed to capture.

Jacks awesome 20lb Common Carp

Although this trip wasn’t about getting big fish and more about the stunning mirrors and having a nice relaxing holiday whilst fishing i couldn’t help but be jealous of Jacks 31.5lb mirror earlier in the week (Obviously i couldn’t tell him that or i wouldn’t hear the end of it!) so in the back of my mind i set myself a target of a fish either 30lb+ or as close as i could get, we was getting amongst a lot of twenties through out the week and getting ever so close to the elusive 30lb mark.

We had the option every night to either sleep at the bank with bivvies and bedchairs already set up waiting for us or to return to the villa and sleep in the nice comfy beds, as you can probably tell from the way i put that across we chose the villa every night, this was mainly down to the fact that whilst this was a fishing holiday, it was still a holiday to relax and enjoy so we done that to the best of our ability, so with the thought of having to go home without my own target accomplished looming over me i said to Jack that if i didn’t catch a 30lb fish during the day on the Thursday i would stay at the bank that night to increase my chances as it was the last chance of night fishing we had due to having to fly back Saturday morning.

So with that in mind me and Jack went out on the boat and placed all the rigs on to the spots we pre baited the previous day before heading upto the villa for the night, i decided to put two rods out using the boat and a third rod i would cast out over a baited spot therefore it being easier that if i did get a fish i could just re-cast the rod rather then having to get out in the boat to reposition it, the rod i cast out from the bank was a standard hair rig with a size 6 Wide Gape barbed hook (Barbed hook only rule on Lake Chira) using 4 grains of maize as the hook bait.

After a few fish came out amongst us as a group and one from the rod i had cast out i had a take on that rod again, with the fish this time just stripping line from the reel, with the lake having a very jagged bottom and unseen snags every fight was tense, this fish felt somehow different, heavy at the end and it would come in very easily at points but then would burst into life so i knew this was a good fish, how good though i wouldn’t of guessed. So after a lengthy fight the fish showed itself on the surface and i was in awe of this fish, with it in the net and the bailiff Chris recognising the fish we knew it was a 30lb+ fish, hallelujah i had finally got my target and a very stunning fish at that! The fish came out at a lovely 32lb so not only my target of 30lb+ but also bigger then Jacks fish so win win for me! With the pressure now gone that i had put on myself i decided to do the night anyway even thou i had the 30lb+ carp that i wanted.

My beautiful 32lb of Gran Canaria Mirror Carp!

With the evening looming it was time for my dad and Jacks dad to return to the villa whilst me, Jack & my cousin Daniel all stayed to do the night. The bites carried on into the light fading so whatever the size it was nice to catch a few fish that we wouldn’t of ordinarily captured as we would be sitting back up at the Villa instead of fishing.

With the light all but gone and the temperature taking quite a drastic drop i decided to call it a night and tuck myself into the comfy bedchair, we had several fish throughout the night but nothing to write home about, however not long before sunrise i had a take on one of my far margin rods, after a slow but fun battle i had landed another stunning 30lb Mirror Carp, with sunrise only 30 mins or so away i decided to stick the carp in the cradle ready for when my dad returned to show off my reward for staying for the night. When they arrived just after sunrise we weighed the fish again and the needle stopped bang on the 30lb mark! Happy days!

Another stunning Canaria carp! 30lb on the nose.

So with this being the last day we was able to fish we all enjoyed a lovely day in the sun with some more lovely fish, the week was finished off nicely with everyone returning to the villa for some delicious home made kebabs and some beers to top off an awesome week (Maybe a few to many drinks for my dad, the trip to the airport in the morning for him wasn’t to great!)

So that is sadly the end of our wonderful trip and the end of this blog, i thank you all for reading it and till next time, Tight lines and wet nets all!

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Jack and Terry

Lake Chira Part 1

Firstly welcome all back to another of our blogs we really appreciate it, if you read our first blog you would know how much i loved mine and Jacks trip to Lake Chira, Gran Canaria a few years ago so im going to take this opportunity to talk about it (Any opportunity to talk about this awesome trip ill take it!).

We went to Gran Canaria back in October of 2016 after a year long wait from booking the trip to actually going, mine and Jacks carp fishing antics were still in their early years when we went on this trip and i think that is what made the trip extra magical as before this trip the biggest carp we had seen/caught was a lovely old 23lb Mirror from Belhus Woods Country Park in South Ockendon.

Jacks 23lb Mirror from Belhus Woods Country Park, South Ockendon

Upon arriving at the airport on the Saturday we was welcomed by a local driver who took us to the Villa we was staying at up in the beautiful mountains where Lake Chira resides. With us arriving around midday Chris the bailiff gave us the opportunity to go down to the lake which was a 2 minute drive from the Villa, with all the gear already down at the lake (All gear and accommodation was supplied from the company we booked the holiday with) we took this opportunity to get the rods out for a few hours not really expecting much but just to soak in the awesome surroundings. Luckily for us Jack managed to squeeze a lovely mirror carp out and we was on our way, with no other action within those few hours we headed back up to the Villa where Chris’s partner Trish had made a lovely home cooked meal for us! We then sat in the garden with a few beers again taking in the awesome surroundings of this beautiful place.

Over the following days we spent all the daylight hours soaking up the sun and views whilst catching some absolutely stunning carp, Lake Chira is mainly known for its scaly mirrors and boy did it deliver for us on that front! As a party of 5 we had bites between us all throughout the day which broke the day up nicely and made it that extra bit special as all of our PB’s got broken on this trip and some still remain as our current PB’s. With breakfast, lunch and dinner being delivered to you everyday this really was Paradise. Over the first few days we all managed some awesome fish and Jack managed this awesome 31.5lb Mirror (Picture below) as i said before the lake is known for its mirror carp so if we was to manage a common carp it would always feel a little bit special and the bailiff said to us any common carp around the 20lb mark is a very good fish so that always kept in the back of our minds.

Jacks lovely 31.5lb Mirror on the 2nd day of our trip

We used mainly a boilie and maize approach for the entirety of our trip, opting to use the boilies that are sold onsite – Duster Baits Gran Canaria Specials which were a purple colour with a very sweet/fruity scent, these were fished in conjunction with maize and topped with a single grain of maize. Using just your standard hair rig with a size 6 hook seemed to work perfectly for us, to bait up we would hire the boat facilities they also had at the lake and would row out to our chosen spots to place the rig and bait over the top, we feel using these tactics to aid in precision of our rigs and bait really helped get them few extra fish that we wouldn’t of got just casting from the bank.

So with the first part of the week all wrapped up i shale leave you with some images of the beautiful fish we caught and we continue with part 2 on Thursday on our usual blog upload schedule, i hope you enjoyed the pictures etc as much as i did. For more up to date captures and trips from myself and Jack please follow our page on Facebook and Instagram @JTCarpers on both platforms. So once again Tight lines and wet nets from myself and Jack!

Jack and Terry

A Warm Welcome!

First things first as this is our first blog with Essex Anglers, we should probably start with an introduction blog! We are JT Carpers, two friends who have a love for fishing and love to share our experiences with people, our names are Jack & Terry hence the name JT Carpers, I bet your thinking ‘very outside of the box thinking’, we know right! We have known each other for around 7 years and our love for fishing has brought us closer as mates, not lovers as our partners may suggest at times. Most of our fishing is based in and around the Essex area as this is where we are both from, however in recent years I (Terry) have relocated to Lincolnshire and have recently joined a local club to give my local river a try so defiantly keep tuned in for updates on that in the future. Our main focus in Carp angling as we love these beautiful creatures however from time to time, we like to dabble in other forms of fishing from Sea fishing offshore to waggler fishing for smaller species. Just like most keen anglers we aim to get time on the bank as much as possible.

A lot of our fishing at the moment is based at a club lake in Maldon, Essex, unfortunately we aren’t members as of yet however they have a guest lake which we have been given permission to fish freely in the meantime so expect a lot of content from us from this lake, Jacks current UK P.B is from this lake so there are defiantly some awesome fish for us to get amongst here and we look forward to future blogs of our adventure on the Guest Lake!

Jack’s current UK PB of 27.2lb from the Guest lake stated previously.

My current UK PB of 25lb from The Mill Day Ticket in Chelmsford

As stated early in the blog we have known each other for 7 years and have been fortune enough to share some epic fishing adventures together, none greater than a weeklong trip to Lake Chira in Gran Canaria, I could literally talk for days upon days of how amazing this trip was however I’m not sure my wife or yourself would appreciate that too much! So instead of talking endlessly on in I will just show a couple of epic snaps from our trip!

My current PB of 32lb Stunning Lake Chira Carp | Jacks current PB of 31.8lb Mirror known as ‘Zippy’

Perfect example of the stunning mirror carp Lake Chira had to offer on our trip!

So that brings us to the end of our first blog with Essex Anglers! Hopefully we will be posting on here very reguarly and this wont be the last you hear from us! If you would like to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see any little bits we may not post here on Essex Anglers we would really appreciate the support! (@JTCarpers on both Instagram and Facebook) So for now tight lines and wet nets from myself and Jack!