Andrew Pilgrim

  • Small River Roach Fishing
    Regular readers of my blogs will recall that I have a soft spot for one particular Essex River, and in particular one little stretch a mile of so long, I fished this beautiful meandering river at least weekly often 2/3 times a week for many, many years, 10 years ago I moved to Colchester and […]
  • Back to the old school.
    When I was a lad growing up in South Yorkshire in the 60s & 70s (stick with me) things were different in many ways. In my late teenage years it seemed that everyone was a fisherman – at work on a Monday morning the question “Where did you go at the weekend?” invariably received an […]
  • ALL CHANGE……( A Sea fishing report for Freshwater Anglers)
    When you have been hammering away at the same old thing for a while, with the same results often what is needed is a change of technique, location or even species. I put this to Sheena (my wife) and she disagreed vehemently, but when I explained that I was referring to fishing she seemed much […]
  • The Painful Truth….. WARNING, Graphic image!
    I have never experienced anything like it….. Beyond excruciating…. I blame John Wilson! It is beyond debate that the late John Wilson was an angler of some repute and did much promote Fishing in this country, and if you are of a certain age, as I am, you may know of other angling legends through-out […]
  • It’s a funny old game…. (Pt2)
    My quest for a 6lb Chub from the Chelmer was proving to be a real challenge as not only was I out 2/3 nights every week fishing from dusk to well into darkness I had also been asked to join an Essex Match fishing team and the commitment this involved – most weekends coupled with […]