Dominic Dyas

A tough day on Southend Pier .

Arriving at high water , i was greeted by very very heavy tidal pull and an absolute tonne of weed. It was clear very early on the only chance of a fish was low water , around 6pm when the water slackens off.

So i struggled through, fishing baits close in just to make sure it wasn’t a complete waste of a day. Come 6 o’clock , a beautiful fresh spider crab bait and live hardback were flung out into now perfect conditions, and it wasn’t long until my right hand rod, the crab rod , was bouncing all over the place .

A small , but spirited hound !!

After a spirited little tussle that was cut short by the fish wrapping itself in the hook length and instantly transforming itself into just a solid dead weight , the net was dropped and a blank was saved .

Very slow fishing, but took advantage of my fishable window , and still, amazing to see from so close to home !

We will be back for more soon.

Tight lines, Dominic and Kai

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